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photodiode-closeup.jpgThe main activities of the laboratory are:

Creation of physico-technological bases for the production of new, high-performance and highly efficient thin-film elements, based on chalcogenide materials by the method of chemical-molecular beam deposition.

A complex study of the physical properties of chalcogenide films and heterostructures, based on them, and elucidating the possibility of their practical application.

The laboratory includes 11 employees, including: 8 researchers (2 Ph.D.), 2 engineers and technical personnel.

The main activity of the laboratory is the development of physical-technological bases for the production of chalcogenide films and heterostructures, based on them, as well as a comprehensive study of their physical properties for manufacturing a laboratory sample of thin-film solar cells. In the laboratory there is a complete technological process for the production of chalcogenide films and thin-film solar cells, based on them, and also equipped with appropriate equipment for analysis and investigation of the electrophysical and optical parameters of the structures obtained. This makes it possible to improve the corresponding technological processes and improve the characteristics of the produced films. Studies are conducted, using modern scientific equipment, with the participation of highly qualified specialists.


Phone: +99871 235 93 61

Fax: +998712354291


Adress: Uzbekistan, 100084, Tashkent city, st. Chingiz Aytmatov 2B


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