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Theoretical physics

This subdivision of the Physico-Technical Institute was established in 1992 by combining two laboratories: "The theory of solid state and semiconductors ", which was founded in 1964 by Professor P. M. Karageorgiy – Alkalayev, and "The laboratory of wave processes", organized by Professor F. Kh. Abdullayev in 1984.

In the first direction, many investigations were carried out on injection and photoelectric phenomena in semiconductors, interaction of impurities and defects, and also processes of self-organization in multicomponent semiconductors. Much attention was paid for applications of the results of theoretical studies to improve the efficiency of semiconductor solar cells.

The second direction of research concerns the theory of nonlinear waves, mainly solitons in optical fibers, photonic crystals and Bose-Einstein condensates. The main scientific achievements include the construction of the theory of soliton propagation in optical media with random parameters, the prediction of the existence of localized Bose-Einstein condensate states in periodic potentials, the eduction of stability criterion for condensate in various types of traps, the study of dissipative solitons in active optical resonators and in systems with parity – time symmetry.

Achievements of recent years

A theory was developed for the propagation of nonlinear waves in inhomogeneous media, and a theory of optical solitons in such media was established. The dynamics of solitons in solids and nonlinear optics was investigated. Physical models of logic devices, based on soliton mechanisms have been proposed. A theory of macroscopic quantum interference in Bose-Einstein condensates was established and their stability was tested. Based on the variational approach and direct numerical modeling, stable two-dimensional and three-dimensional soliton solutions of the Gross-Pitaevsky equation with attractive interactions between atoms were found. The results are used in Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices.

A model was created, describing the development of self-organization processes with a diffusion transport mechanism in semiconductors with deep impurities under uniform photo-excitation, based on the experimentally established fact of an exponential increase in the concentration of vacancies with temperature and taking into account the possibility of thermally stimulated formation of defect-impurity complexes, including a vacancy.


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